Update on December.27th 2019

The new version of Thor can now cut off automatically thus you don't need to worry about the overcharging problem anymore. 


Note: To avoid overcharging your batteries please make sure to take them off the Thor shortly after the charge indicator light turns solid green. 

Please be aware that if you leave batteries unattended on the Thor after they have become fully charged they will still slowly continue to charge because the Thor unit must output a small amount of current to check the voltages of the connected batteries. 

This means that if you leave a battery charging unatteded for a long time after the charge indicator light turns green you may find your battery has over overcharged slightly. For example a 300mah 2S battery that is left plugged into the charger for about 2 hours after the light has turned green may be about 4.25V. This may degrade the preformance of battery, but there is NO RISK of a lipo fire. 

Approximate Charging Time Calculation (in hours) = Battery mah/ Charging current mA

Example: Suppose you are charging a 300mah 2S battery, the charging current is 480mA for each port; So the charging time is 300mah / 480mA = 0.625 hours or 37.5 minutes (charging from ~3.7V to 4.2V).

Please be aware that the Thor could only support 5V input voltage, if you want to DIY an XT60 adapter, you should make a regulator to ensure the input voltage is 5V.