The following is about the shipping policy of TUNERC, if you still can't find the answers, please feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket to us or sending an e-mail to

Q: Goods are Shipped from our Chinese Warehouse

A:  All of the products you order from are shipped from our Chinese warehouse.

Q: Sent to Almost All the Countries

A: At the moment, we can send the products from China to almost all countries.

Q: Shipping Method

A: Standard registered mail shipping and DHL express shipping are available.

Q: Tracking Link

A: All of the parcel statuses can be tracked via the two links below.

Q: Estimated Time of Arrival

A: It takes about 7-25 days for the parcels to arrive in most countries based on which country you live in.

But for countries like Brazil, it might take a longer time ( more than a month ) for the parcel to arrive. 

Click here to check out the detailed ETA for specific countries.

Q: Can't Track the Parcel Status

A: It might take a few days for the parcel status to be updated if they are during the customs clearance or during transit.

If the parcel status is not updated for a long time, please feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket to our support team, we will strive our best to give you a satisfying solution.

Q: Duty Fees

A: We can't give you a concise answer to you as different countries have different policies for imported goods.

We kindly recommend you to confirm the details by contacting your local authority agency.

Note: if you reject the parcel for the duty fees you have to pay, unfortunately, we can't offer a refund service to you.

Thus, please confirm the duty policy in advance to avoid any further inconvenience.

Q: Parcel Status Shown Delivered but not Received

A: If you come across the problem above, please ask your family or your neighbors to check if they have received the parcel for you.

If you still can't find your parcel, it might be stolen or the local couriers mess something up, we, unfortunately, to tell you that a refund can't be offered to you in this case once the parcel is shipped from our warehouse, we can't have the control over the shipping.